How clean are your Disposable Gloves?

March 27, 2015

A paper published in the Australasian Medical Journal outlined a study carried out at Dunedin Hospital, New Zealand, on the contamination potential of unused disposable gloves. The study focused on several aspects of cross contamination. One interesting side measurement was the occurrence of bacteria on unopened gloves. The gloves used (a well known NZ brand) showed 90% of gloves carried environmental bacteria before being touched, and 10% carried skin commensals, both potentially an indicator of factory cleanliness.

Germ testing with disposable gloves

Steve Ardagh, CEO of Eagle Protect, who visited our suppliers, explains that "Our factories have significant systems in place to both prevent this sort of bacterial contamination and tests to ensure this is the case."

"There are extra length cleaning tanks which are used to leach out any chemicals left after the dipping and drying process. Gloves are stripped off the Formers by hand and then placed in bags immediately and double sealed. They are moved to the packaging areas as needed for sales in positive air flow controlled environments."

Eagle glove factories carry out routine bacterial swabs and other tests to ensure the quality control systems remain effective.

"These gloves are non-sterile, however, because the gloves are made in well maintained and designed factories and packed in clean and efficient packing rooms, they consistently score zero bacteria on packing."

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