How Safe Are Your Suppliers?

May 9, 2016

Food scandals, quality control failure and the disaster of product recall could be fatal to your business. In addition to protecting your workers, Eagle’s disposable product range protects your food product.

Chopping red meat using finger mesh support and disposable gloves
Being ethically sourced assures you your reputation will not be tarnished by the failure of the product or where the product comes come from. We visit our manufacturers regularly to guarantee product quality, manufacturing standards, staff conditions and environmental impact factors. Which other of your suppliers can say this?!
The NZ Food industry is a major user of a range of Polyethylene (PE) based protective clothing - generally single use. Shockingly, there are no Food Contact requirements for this product range set by the NZ Food Safety Authority. This is based on the assumption that they are “intermittent contact,” and no regulation is required. Therefore the product composition or conditions of use statement is not required for these products as they are for PE packaging and Disposable Gloves. Eagle has taken the position that even though these products are termed “intermittent contact” they should, for the safety of the New Zealand Food Industry, still meet a Food Safe standard and as such we ensure that Eagle brand PE products meet the appropriate FDA or other Food Contact standards that are required for full contact materials. These certifications are available on request. 
Packing chicking using sleeve protectors and disposable glvoes


Also, to help add value to your customers, the Eagle team offers detailed site audits to assess the use of disposable product range. The audits plan to reduce waste production and assess PPE fit and design, with alternative suggestions for a worker and food protection. Previous audits have reduced our customer’s product usage and therefore costs; with associated improvements in comfort and working conditions of workers wearing  PPE.

Contact Kyle now 03 489 3760 to find out how our audits can help you.

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