Are Nitrile Gloves Latex-free?

June 26, 2017


When we are asked, ‘Are nitrile gloves latex-free,’ the answer is ‘Yes!’ Nitrile gloves are BPA, phthalate and latex-free. To see the difference between nitrile gloves and latex gloves (and vinyl), check out this comparison...

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Why Purchase Ethically Sourced Products?

June 12, 2017


Gareth Brooks, our Chief Operating Officer and former field hockey Olympian, last visit to China was as an athlete at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, where fond memories of an outstanding event in a magnificent city...

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Vinyl Gloves, The Deadly Facts!

May 12, 2017

Vinyl gloves are a cheap choice of protection for workers. Due to their molecular structure, there are associated risks that limit their performance and affect barrier protection - in comparison to latex and nitrile disposable gloves:

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Are Vinyl Gloves Really Food Safe?

May 8, 2017

Up to 50% of Vinyl disposable gloves are made up of plasticisers, which make the PVC(Polyvinyl chloride) flexible and soft enough to wear, due to their molecular structure. Often plasticisers contain phthalates and BPA as they are inexpensive....

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Why Choose Eagle As Your Supplier

April 3, 2017

Disposable consumables are an area most suppliers don’t focus on, however, at Eagle Protect this is what we live and breath. Often companies selling protective clothing and disposable gloves know very little about these products, or even don't...

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Labour Rights Abuse In Glove Manufacturing

March 6, 2017

In 2015, the BMA Medical Fair and Ethical Trade group convened to tackle labour rights abuse in the medical (disposable) gloves manufacturing industry. Their report “In Good Hands. Tackling labor rights concerns in the manufacture of medical...

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Vinyl Disposable Gloves Can Cause Adverse Health Effects

February 6, 2017

Up to 50% of Vinyl disposable gloves are made up of plasticisers, which make the PVC flexible and soft enough to wear. Often plasticisers contain phthalates and BPA as they are inexpensive.

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Pollution In China To Increase Vinyl Glove Cost

January 23, 2017

Will pollution regulations in China affect Vinyl disposable glove cost? Could customers, focused only on glove price, be forced to move to Nitrile disposable gloves as a result?

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Eagle earns B Corp Certification for a Third Term

January 9, 2017


We are incredibly proud to announce that in late 2016, The Eagle Group successfully recertified as a B Corporation for a third consecutive 2-year term. We have maintained our score and have been third-party verified as meeting rigorous...

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Purchase Units Are Changing

November 23, 2016

As from the 28th November 2016, we will be changing how you add products to your cart on our online Eagle Protect store. 

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