Proud of Reduced 2018 Sustainability Impact

July 4, 2019

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When we set up the business 13 years ago, we didn’t aim to be another disposable glove and clothing supplier; we aimed to create a great business, supplying ethically sourced and sustainably better products, of the highest quality; and at a decent price.

We’re proud to release our third sustainability report (2018), highlighting the environmental and social impacts of Eagle Protect and how we are measuring our performance. Disposable gloves are necessary tools in the medical, food and industrial industries, and there are various ways of sourcing and manufacturing which affect their environmental and social impact.

By swapping our customers to lighter, stronger nitrile gloves, over the last year, we are proud to have saved over 114,872 kgs of glove and packaging waste, reduced 286 MT tons of CO2 and over 26,497,882 litres of water! Read more about how to make your own business more sustainable and eliminate waste without implementing any process changes. 

Our B Corporation and Child Labor Free certifications are unique to the glove supply industry and ensure against labour rights abuse, including child labour; not uncommon in the glove manufacturing industries!

IN 2018, EAGLE SAVED 114,872KG

Eagle’s primary focus on food safety is also an important one; with around 3,000 deaths from food borne illnesses each year in the USA and 16% of this figure implicating disposable gloves. The initiation of our Fingerprint Check testing across our New Zealand & USA business, is a testament to ensure we are supplying the cleanest, safest and best quality gloves, mitigating chemical and microbial glove hazards.

You can read more about our impact in our newly released 2018 Sustainability Report, or feel free to contact me to discuss more about our business and how we can enhance your food safety, sustainability goals and brand protection.

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Steve 150X170pxWritten by: Steve Ardagh, CEO of Eagle Protect.
After establishing Eagle Protect as an industry leader in New Zealand, Steve relocated with his family to California, USA, in January 2016 and launched Eagle Protect PBC; bringing Eagle's values of providing products that are certified food safe, ethically sourced and environmentally better. He is driven to keep consumers safe by reducing the risk of food borne illness one high-quality disposable glove at a time.

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