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December 17, 2018

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Change. One of the hardest things for us to do, even if the reasoning is justified and everyone has bought into it. Changing habits can cause resistance.

Have you considered that Eagle Protect can make your business more sustainable and eliminate waste without implementing any process changes?  We can do this by simply changing your disposable gloves.


Eagle's Light & Tough nitrile gloves are lightweight and strong gloves due to new technology manufacturingLight & Tough gloves allow users to receive more product in less packaging, will reduce both your glove and packaging disposal waste, as well as water usage during manufacturing and transport carbon emissions.

Read more about why our Light & Toughs are the environmentally better option for your disposable glove choice.

Although Vinyl (PVC) gloves are banned in Japan for food handling due to their well documented adverse effects on health, these still remain a common glove for ready to eat food handling and Aged Care industries in New Zealand. Because of their brittleness and propensity to puncture, vinyl gloves are manufactured much thicker. Studies prove a 10-fold increase in average failure rate of vinyl gloves compared to nitrile gloves; a high failure rate indicates a higher rate of disposal.

We estimate by changing from vinyl to our higher-quality nitrile gloves, a company’s overall glove use would decrease around 15-25%. The weight of gloves to be disposed would also decrease due to lighter individual glove weight (Light & Toughs weigh is 3g, while the average vinyl is around 5g).

Light & Toughs can reduce your companies environmental impact by:

  • Minimising glove and packaging waste disposal
  • Reducing shipping and transport emissions
  • Decreasing water usage during glove manufacturing 

Added sustainability without sacrificing food or health safety, and importantly, no change of process required!


As long as disposable gloves are being used correctly, you are good. Correct glove size choice and correct donning & doffing procedures plays a huge factor in this. 

The Eagle Protect Light & Tough gloves are better sustainably so there’s no need to change any employee habits. By simply switching the disposable glove being used, you’re on your way to reducing your environmental impact. In fact, employees will thank you for a better quality glove. Wearing a thick, hard, poor-quality glove for 8 hours each day can lead to many issues for glove wearers, including reduced efficiency and dermal and muscular problems.

Want to see how much waste your company can eliminate by changing from a vinyl glove to the Eagle Light & Toughs or our best selling Sensitive nitrile gloves? Click below to use our Sustainability Savings Calculator.

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