Visiting Our Factories: Supply Chain Transparency

May 29, 2019

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If the current Mycoplasma Bovis scare has taught us anything, it’s the critical importance of traceability. For those in the Dairy and Beef farming sectors, the ability to accurately track animal movements (or not) has been critical to the management and hopefully eventual eradication of the M. Bovis disease.

Similarly, given our position as a major supplier to the Dairy Processing and Red Meat industries, at Eagle Protect we have a firm view that sourcing our products should also be transparent and monitored. Visiting our factories on a regular basis allows us to check product manufacturing standards, quality controls, worker conditions and their environmental impact.

Mikes Factory VisitMike Taylor, our Strategic & Sales Manager, recent visit to Thailand & China, was to visit the manufacturers of our disposable clothing and nitrile disposable gloves, for our global food processing & medical industry customers.

Both the factories visited, were accredited to the widely respected quality management systems ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 for medical devices. However, it was readily apparent that in addition to these ‘formal’ accreditations, both suppliers were being rigorously and regularly reviewed by their global customers to a variety of more holistic measures including, legal compliance, health and safety, sustainability and ethical sourcing all key criteria of the Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct and in which both factories scored highly.

Along side our Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct that our suppliers must pass and sign, we are also proud to be Child Labor Free certified to Manufacturing level for a specific range of our products. Child Labor Free is a global certification system that independently inspects and analyses supply chains for the use of child labour and performs further independent factory audits and assessments of labour and environmental conditions.

It is important to us to have this additional third party certification as we are committed to full transparency in our supply chain. Sourcing our range of disposable gloves and clothing ethically and responsibly also provides reputational assurance to your business.

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