Why Purchase Ethically Sourced Products?

June 12, 2017


Gareth Brooks, our Chief Operating Officer and former field hockey Olympian, last visit to China was as an athlete at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, where fond memories of an outstanding event in a magnificent city came flooding back to him. However, some questions remain over a foul wind that blew through before their competition started. It put a halt to their training, with many players suffering from respiratory issues requiring medical assistance.

After consulting with their team doctor, Gareth was prescribed a daily dose of 18 puffs on an inhaler to keep his airways open under exertion. He left the Doctors with the thought that years of preparation had come to this. Fortunately “cloud seeding” caused thunderstorms, which cleared the sky improving their respiratory issues, and it remained that way for the duration of the games.

View from the Olympic Village before and after the thunderstorms

View from the Olympic Village before and after the thunderstorms 

Almost nine years later, along with our Supply Chain Manager Martin Robinson, Gareth returned to China as COO for Eagle Protect, the World's only B Corp Certified business supplying disposable gloves and clothing. 


Eagle has a commitment to our customers’ reputation to supply only ethically sourced products and we uphold our commitment through regular visits to our factories throughout the world. These visits allow us to verify product quality, staff conditions and their environmental footprint (standards outlined in our Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct) and our recent Child Labor Free certification to a manufacturing level.

This particular trip to China was to visit the manufacturers of Eagle Protect disposable clothing and nitrile disposable gloves, for our global food processing customers.

The size and scale of these factories were impressive, and it was fantastic to see supplier initiatives such as free electric bike charging stations, healthy staff lunches, an optical scanner for sign-in and a real focus on safety and engagement as young people seek out ‘modern jobs’ off the factory floor.


In contrast, Eagle did visit a potential supplier three hours from Beijing where the local authorities had given three days notice that pollution levels were too high; they were eventually closed for over a month, affecting staff and customers. Almost all factories in the area had been shut for two weeks with no indication of when they could re-open. 

 sustainaable factory

In this situation, product price is expected to increase as China continues to limit production or impose regulation to incentivize more sustainable and more costly manufacturing. Read more about how new pollution laws in China are affecting vinyl glove cost.

Our decision was not to work with this supplier; an operator in our supply chain with poor environmental production does not meet Eagle’s environmental standards. Before partnering with any new suppliers, they must pass our rigorous Supplier Code of Conduct - a key part of our supply chain transparency.

Suppliers must pass our rigorous Supplier Code of Conduct - a key part of our supply chain transparency


Back at our headquarters once again, we’ve been reviewing our own social and environmental impact. Our Sustainability Report highlights the many ways we have been contributing to our community, as well as helping our suppliers and the environment. 

At Eagle, we are always striving to make a sustainable and positive environmental impact that’s not detrimental to long-term sustainability or profitability. 

With a focus on waste reduction and supplying certified food-safe disposable gloves and clothing, Eagle products will protect your food, your business, your staff and your customers.

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